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Navigating the divorce process is challenging, especially if you're just getting started. You likely have several questions about divorce, child support, child custody, and other family issues. To shed some light, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions we receive from clients and provide answers to them. 

How long does the divorce process take?

The time a divorce process takes depends on the people and details involved. Common factors that affect the time include:

  • Your readiness to negotiate.

  • Your ability to cooperate with your spouse.

  • Honesty about existing assets.

  • Your willingness to make sacrifices.

Evasion, stubbornness, and hatred can hinder the divorce process and cost more time.

How much does divorce cost?

Hiring a divorce lawyer isn't cheap. The process comes with a lot of expenses. So many factors will determine the amount a divorce case will cost you. Costs include court fees, attorney fees, and third-party expenses, like visitation supervisor, expert witness, or parenting evaluator. Atty. Robert (Bob) J. Freeman offers free consultation in Johnstown, PA. You call us at 833-262-4326 to get an estimate.

Are assets split in half?

This depends on you and your spouse. If you both can reach a reasonable agreement, the court will accept your decision. However, a judge will need to step in if disputes arise. When a judge steps in, it is unlikely that your assets will be split in half. Instead, your marriage's length, occupation, and various other factors will determine what each departing couple receives.

Can you represent both spouses?

No, our Johnstown law firm can only represent one spouse in court. We do not represent both spouses. However, we can help you prepare the paperwork if you choose that service. 

How does the court decide on child support?

Child support is to protect the child. The court will weigh different factors, such as the parent's financial status and the parent's ability to support the child. The court may also consider the mental and physical health of the child and the educational needs of the child.

How can I enforce child support?

The court can help you enforce child support if a noncustodial parent drops behind on child support payments. The court will find means to get back the child support payments. These methods include income withholding, interception of tax refunds, wage garnishment, liens, or attachments to a property. 

How does the court determine child custody?

Factors such as living situation, proximity to schools, and each parent's income are considered when deciding the custody of your children. First and foremost, the court will favor joint custody arrangements. But if both parents can't agree, the court may choose to award one parent responsibility.

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